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Our history      

More then 65 years on the market of material and technical supply.

Individual approach to each customer.

Quality of production is guaranteed by manufacturing plants.

Efficient work.

All types of consultation in matching and replacement of bearings.

     The history of JSC "MTS-VOSTOK" starts from the severe years of the Great National War. In July 1942, when evacuation of industrial corporations from the west regions of the USSR into Kuibyshev was executed, the office of Kuibyshev Glavsnab of USSR was generated.

In January 1957, it comes under direction of the state aircraft Commitee and transforms into Kuibyshev agency of administration of supply and complectation of the State aircraft Committee of the USSR.

In 1968, Kuibyshev agency of administration of supply and complectation of the State aircraft Committee of the USSR transforms into Kuibyshev agency of administration and complectation of "Vostok".

With the growing amount of tasks to be solved, the Ministry of aircraft industry of the USSR used the order ¹242 of 11.05.1989 to transform Kuibyshev agency of administration and complectation of "Vostok" into Kuibyshev enterprise of material and technical supply of "Vostok".

In 1994, above enterprise was privatized and the Commitee of administration of the State Property of Samara region ussed the order ¹311 of 06.06.1994 according to which it was transformed into Joint-stock company of open type "MTS-VOSTOK" later registrated in Administation of Promyshlennui region of Samara in the order ¹970 of 25.06.1996 as

The stockholders were:
  • the Property Commitee of Samara region;
  • staff of the enterprise;
  • JSC "Ulan-Ude aircraft enterprise", Ulan-Ude;
  • JSC "Aviaagregat", Samara;
  • JSC "Samara science-technikal complex of N.D. Kuznetsov";
  • JSC "Aviaspetssnabsbyt", Moscow;
  • "Aviastar", Ulyanovsk;
  • Enginebuilding industrial corporation, Ufa;
  • Enginebuilding industrial corporation, Kaluga;
In 1999, the goverment of RF ussued the order ¹461 of 23.04.1999 to assign
JSC “MTS VOSTOK” to Russian aerospace agency and by the order of its general manager it became a part of the Administration of cooperating relations, ecological and industrial secure and inssurence.

Our enterprise has more then 65 years of experience in sphere of material and technical supply, trained staff and good resourse base. It supplies successfully materially and technically both enterprises of Russian aerospace agency and other minictries and departments. We own immovable properties in form of storehouse with capital hated depository and land that guarantee financial profitability of our Joint-Stock Company.

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